Department of Chemistry



Post-doctoral research associates -Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Position:  Post-doctoral research associates

Placement:  Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton OH (Responsive Photonic Materials Group, PI:  Tim White)

Discipline(s):  Polymer science/engineering, materials science/engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, engineering physics, or related.  Research experience in the field of materials chemistry, liquid crystals, polymers, theory of condensed matter, or optical patterning methods is beneficial, but not required.  

Description:  We are looking for a number of qualified candidates to join our team at the Air Force Research Laboratory in the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate.  Working at AFRL is a unique opportunity to solve important, long term challenges that guide research efforts in an environment that strongly encourages collaboration (government/academic/industry), publication in top journals such as Science or Nature, and extensive conference attendance.  

We fully support the development of post-doctoral candidates seeking future employment opportunities in industry, academia, or government.  NOTE:  this position is available for US citizen/US greencard holders only.  The open positions are funded under the larger framework of stimuli-responsive optical materials primarily prepared from liquid crystalline and polymeric materials.    

Interested candidates should email cover letter/resume/CV to Tim White (  Any interested candidates attending the 2015 American Chemical Society Meeting in Boston are encouraged to set up informal interviews.